Our Motto: Play Dirty – Live Clean™

When I started a family with my Yorkie Mercedes in 2007, I didn’t know much about how to care for a dog. But, like a nervous new father, I wanted to give her everything she could ever need and more.

When Mercedes was a puppy, she was kind of a tom boy. Imagine the cutest little fur ball frantically slinging dirt into the air, trying to get under the fence to whatever enticing bird or squirrel was on the other side.

Needless to say, she got dirty fast. But I didn’t want to change her behavior.  I just wanted to help her stay clean and healthy, and preferably a little less smelly.

But I couldn’t believe how bad the experience was at my local groomers. Even in LA, I couldn’t find a clean space with good customer service, so I knew there had to be a better way. I never found it, so I built it.


Our Facilities

When you visit a new salon, or get a pedicure at a new spa, you’d never settle for a dirty, smelly, and unsafe environment. That’s why, unlike 99% of mom and pop groomers, our spaces are specifically designed to provide a great experience for both you and your dog.


We keep your pup safe and secure during bath time with a simple and humane slip-free bathing tether.


Receive an instant SMS alert the moment your pup is finished. They’ll be happy to see you, but not happy to leave.


Our baths and grooming equipment use Hydrosurge water conservation technology so that we can keep your dog clean, without the waste of other groomers.

Special Features

Our Goal is to Revolutionize the Way We Think About Pet Care:

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Keep ‘em clean with zero hassles (monthly membership)
Offer Premium Food Choices
Human Quality Treats and Chews with Less than 7 Ingredients
Fresh Modern Spaces (No Wet Dog Smell)
Human Quality Spa Treatments
Introduce Eco-Friendly Toys and Accessories
Invest in Technologies to Keep Dogs Safe
Use advanced Tech for a Better Customer Experience
Pet Taxi Home Pick-Up and Drop Off
Dog Food and Treat Delivery
Sell Mix-n-Match Dog Food for Better Nutrition and Better Variety
Implement Software to Immediately Spread the Word if You Lose Your Dog

Splash and Dash was born because I wanted to provide a better pet care experience for my favorite furry family member.
Let us help you do the same!

Dan J. Barton

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