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Clean Living Dog Products

At Splash and Dash, living clean is about more than a shiny coat and fresh breath — it’s our philosophy. Our dog foods and treats are simple. No ingredients you can’t pronounce. And they’re based on the diet your dog evolved to eat.

We also believe that welcoming a dog into your family doesn’t have to mean leaving a large carbon pawprint. That’s why we’re adding new eco-friendly dog toys and collars to our selection. Now you can care for your favorite family member, and the earth, all at the same time.


Natural Treats and Chews

Keep it Simple.

Our treats are so nutritious and delicious, you just might be tempted to eat them with your morning cup of coffee. Just be sure to save some for your furry family member!

Each and every treat and chew that we offer is made and sourced in the USA with 7 natural ingredients or less. In fact, if it’s not a human quality ingredient, we won’t use it.


Eco Friendly Dog Accessories & Supplies

Keep ’em Green.

Now your pup can get decked out without damaging the environment.

Choose from our top-quality dog accessories, made in the USA and sourced from recycled bike tires.

Dog Food

Keep ’em Satisfied

Give your dog the gift of good health and delicious variety.
Splash and Dash carries only the finest dog foods, developed specifically to mirror the diet your dog has naturally evolved to eat.


Our Founder’s Promise

Keep ’em Happy

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of any product you purchase at Splash and Dash, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

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